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'Cleanliness is always in season'

Being an associate company of Tudawe Brothers (Pvt.) Ltd., one of Sri Lanka 's premier ICTAD registered construction firms with a history of over 70 years in the Engineering and Construction trade, its experience and resources are readily available for the operations of Tudawe Trading Company whenever necessary.

Furthermore, due to the rapid post-war development in Sri Lanka and in order to meet the requirements in cleaning of customers, Tudawe Trading have commenced marketing dulevo Road Sweeper Trucks and Street Washers, trafalgar Paddock Cleaning Machinery , beatchtech Beach Cleaning Machinery  and cramer  Mobile Leaf & Waste Vacuum Collectors and Mobile Rotary Sweepers; thus making Tudawe Trading a perfect ONE-STOP-SHOP for all the requirements in cleaning.


Tudawe Trading Company (Pvt.) Ltd
Board of Directors
Wasantha N. Tudawe
Chairman & Managing Director
Rohan R.Tudawe
Ajith E. Tudawe
Sathis P. Tudawe
Amal D. Tudawe
Upul D. Tudawe

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