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Home & Garden and Professional Cleaning Machines, Cleaning Agents (Germany)
Mechanized Beach Cleaning Equipment (Germany)
Floor buffing machines 18”dia. (450mm.dia)
Cattle, Elephant, Horse and Other Animal Droppings Extractor Machines (U.K)
Mobile Leaf and Waste Vacuum collectors, Rotary Sweepers, Grass Cutters and Garden Waste Shredders (Germany)
Airport Runway Sweeper Trucks, Road Sweeper Trucks, Refuse Collector Trucks and Road Washer Trucks (Italy)

Tudawe Trading Showroom

Tudawe Trading Company - 25 years of success in Sri Lanka

'Cleanliness is always in season

Keeping the environment and premises clean is an essential factor in these modern times. More so, with the stringent rules and guidelines being specified by Local Government authorities, Health Authorities, Premises Officers and human beings themselves demanding and conforming to higher standards of cleanliness, professional cleaning has become a sine-qua-non in our day to day lives.

Tudawe Trading Company(Pvt.) Ltd., thus recognizing this essential need commenced selling and servicing the entire range of quality, German Cleaning Machinery and Detergents over a quarter century ago in Sri Lanka. Today, Tudawe Trading Company. (Pvt.) Ltd, with its long experience, is well positioned as a market leader in Sri Lanka in selling and servicing Home & Garden, Commercial, Professional Cleaning Machinery and Detergents...Read More

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